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Форум » ALFA-ALFA » Последние новости » Alfa-Alfa Outrageous concert day(talk about a Bad day) (Alfa-Alfa Outrageous concert day(talk about a Bad day))
Alfa-Alfa Outrageous concert day(talk about a Bad day)
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Alfa-Alfa Outrageous concert day(talk about a Bad day)It was a normal Saturday morning 2nd March woke up very early that
morning because we had a very important show which had been concealed
before but after rescheduled . We were to be sent a car.So we wait this is when the circus started the first car couldn’t make it
because it was out of town and couldn’t make it to us on time.the
second car had mechanical problems.Remember the clock is thinking and
we have to be at the show on time.So what Michael decides to do is to
call for a Taxi which really gets to us on time.we are of course happy
the taxi is here on time. We board and drop Daria off first at her
Nanny’s home then we start our journey to the theater where we were to
show.    The journey was about 6 miles. It was a route Michael knew well because the taxi man had mentioned that it was a new theater
and he would have problems locating it .So we were like we know the
place and we would direct him. A couple of miles in,with no
warning,there was this big bang at the back of the car,the driver  got
so scared and he struggled to stop the car.At any moment i expecting
some one to say some thing but Michael and the driver were all
silent.Scared as I was,thank God I was still alive I just started
screaming and I was like this is bad this is really bad.Michael was
like can you just shut up we are alive right.He got out limping but he
claimed that he was fine.Our driver then gets out to find out out what
had just happened. He was  like man you just hit us so had and one of
my passenger is limping and the lights showed that I would go and you
had to stop.The other driver claimed he was on the right and that  we 
had to call the traffic police to solve the problem that is when
Michael lost it.He told the other driver,you see I am hurt and I am not
complaining just pay our driver and we get the fuck out of here .we
are artists and we have a show to catch up with.we don’t have time and
we are already 20 minutes late.At that moment I was like dead I just
didn’t believe what had happened it was the very first time some thing
like this was happening .Anyhow we finish up with the whole accident 
circus though I was still checking and Michael limping . our Agent
Dimitry calls to find out where we were cos we were already very late
when the driver told him what had happened he just laughed like it was a
joke.      Anyhow we arrive at the theater and we are totally late.The two of us  are rushed up stairs to the changing room.The agent
is like group Alfa-Alfa is meant to be four where are the other two.
in my head I am like hello can you at least ask why we are late.I wake
up from all the trauma that had happened and start to make all the
phone calls to find out where the rest of the two are Chrissy and Lonje
that make group Alfa-Alfa Entertainment are.i had sent them the right
address and time where were they.I thought the accident was bad but
there was still more shit waiting like they say shit never ends when it
knocks at your door..Anyhow we ask the organizer Dimitry to wait a few
minutes which he trys to but then come’s back up and he is like it is
impossible the guests are already here and group Alfa-Alfa  have to
perform now!!!!!!!!!!!Michael and I to get dressed and get ready to
perform without the other part of the group Alfa-Alfa. We  then go
perform with out the rest of the group.After the show,it is all shit for
Becky.It was a big miss understanding and Becky was to be blamed  for
everything .To cut the story short ,at the end of everything with all that had happened ,we are under paid* one for late coming not even considering that we almost lost our lives (Michael and Becky).*two because group Alfa-Alfa only showed two .What make’s it funny is that
the people that performed that is Michael and Becky make  group
Alfa-Alfa.To conclude the day ,we had some photos taken and called it a day but i was as mad and hot as hell for being  blamed for
every thing and being called all sought of names.Michael and Becky are  fine but all Group Alfa-Alfa can say is that  You have to
have a bad day every once in a while otherwise you'll never know what a
good day feels like and When you have a bad day just look up and
remember that God is watching over you and will guide through the rest
of the way
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Форум » ALFA-ALFA » Последние новости » Alfa-Alfa Outrageous concert day(talk about a Bad day) (Alfa-Alfa Outrageous concert day(talk about a Bad day))
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