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Форум » ALFA-ALFA » Пресс-центр » 2011.(winter season)story about me Michael from Alfa-Alfa (2011.(winter season)story about me Michael from Alfa-Alfa)
2011.(winter season)story about me Michael from Alfa-Alfa
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2011.(winter season)story about me Michael from group Alfa-Alfa and kharkov cops.2 days ago i was attacked by cops/
at my flat,they come and wait for me at my home door step
as you know,in the mornings homes in most cases go out of things like sugar,bread blah
so i get up and dress pick some money to get to the super market
so immediatelly i get out of the main door,there !!!!these cops bamp into me and they are as usaul
ask are your documents in order?meanwhile this is morning,its very cold,you dont react quick in situations like
these were this cold wind of winter is blowing,all you want is to
get where you want to go and be there.so i am here with these meanlooking cops asking for my documents
at that time in the morning i dont have to pick or walk around with my documents
so i tell them for now i dont have my documents on because i leave here(prospect pabedi 64,)
and it is so close to the shoping arcade which is 2o yards away from my flat.at that time i dont need to carry
my documents.so they find out that i was not having my documents,they grab me like a thug and cuff me
then start checking me through out,fortunate enough my neighbour was geting out to smoke
then she finds these cops harrasing me,then she sreams at them that she know me and i am her neighbour,so
they easy on me a littlebit,i was also glad to see my neighbour shouting out for me,so what i did
was,i had to tell her that becky my wife and my little daughter dont know that i have been grabed by cops and they
are taking me away.some where i dont even have idea of.so i give my mobile phone,plus the flat keys to my neighbour to
give them to my wife becky.and that i would call in case i get a chance to call,you see why i did
this is that these guys jumped immediately on my pockets got the money that was there and one of
the cops hands was always on my pockets i dont know what was his intentions but cops are not humans you stick around
safe,they always lose there heads and do so many dangerous things to foreighners to get them into trouble especially when you are
helpless.so they cuf me and take me to there cop car where they drive me off to the police station station..
so i get there and they hand me over to some police lady who was waiting for me at the door step,i was not even regestered
in the regestry book.i was a special case.i was being waited for.so the lady takes me to her office and she asks me of where my passport?
i tell her that i left it home,cos it wasn in the morning and wanted to buy milk for my young one in the morning
so i didnt have to move with it.so she is like today you are in trouble.you cant move out of the house with out documents
so she asks me where i study i tell her,then later she calls avil(regestration board) wheather i am regesterd and where i have been paying for regestration
all these years i have been living in ukraine
she finds out all is fine.then she instead stikcs on the case that i cant move out of my flat without my passport
and that i am gona pay big fin,so i ask her to make a call i call becky and tell her the whole story and ask her to bring my document to
the sation.so she brings it and the checks it,all is fine but she ask us to pay 500grivens
then she tells us that she is gonna take copies of scan from my passport which she does and then she signs a document i am to move
with till the following weak on monday.so we ask her why should we take a note written by her in place of my own passport
she gives a reason that she has to cross check my regestration wheather i am truelly regestered.so what i do i call alfa-alfa lawyer
she call this police woman they meet and she picks my passport but after paying a huge amount of money she called fin.my goodness
cops are misstreating us alot and they are taking alot of money from us for nothing.that cop woman took a big sum of money from me for nothing
why?i need that kind of money for my daughter's upkeep,food,milk,rents etc.this is not fair what police is doing to foreigners.normal
fin taken away from foreigner is 375grivens not hundreds of dollars....ahhhhhh ukraine is not a bed of roses,it has never been and i wont be
good to foreigners....
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Форум » ALFA-ALFA » Пресс-центр » 2011.(winter season)story about me Michael from Alfa-Alfa (2011.(winter season)story about me Michael from Alfa-Alfa)
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